what a front door says to the world - guest post

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Now that I think we're set on building our next house, I've been paying attention to front doors a lot lately.
It's that first impression guests have when they come to your home.  You want it to be a good one.
From the material to the color you choose to paint it, Home Depot sales associate, Jay Harris, is with us today to give us some insight!
After reading his takes on color, I'm thinking I might be going green on our next door ;)


Knock, Knock! Who's There?

What a Front Door Says to the World

Did you or your friends ever play the old childhood prank where you knocked on someone's front door or rang their bell and then ran away before someone could see who was there?

Front doors are often the first thing people see when they visit someone's home, and, if yours is in shabby condition, it may make folks run away in a similar fashion. Whether you host guests frequently, are hoping to resell soon or simply would like an upgrade, a front door makeover can make a difference in how a house looks to the outside world.

Do you use your actual front door?
Other types of exterior doors, such as patio doors, are important as well. Some people have many doors on their homes and don't use the actual front door, in favor of using a side door or back door to greet guests into the home. If this describes your family, you may want to consider examining all the doors, front included, especially if you want to upgrade the appearance of your home to the public. And, if you've never updated your front door because no one uses it to go in or out, now is the time to give the front door some well-deserved attention.

The Material of Your Front Door
Take a long, hard look at your door. Does it need to be replaced? Is it in good condition, creating a solid welcome to your home - or does it long for repair? Doors typically are made of one of three materials. These are:
  • Wood;
  • Steel;
  • Fiberglass.

Each of these three products can offer different benefits to your home's exterior and your family's wallet.

There are a few benefits of a steel door. They can offer security, and they come in a variety of different finishing possibilities, such as stained, wood-fiber coating or a baked-on, polyester glaze. And you can generally buy a steel door already ready to go - most of them have holes drilled and hinges attached.
If your family is on a budget, a steel door without all the bells and whistles (such as upscale hardware) can be the least expensive option for a new door.

Wood doors are beautiful and come in a variety of different materials - pine, cherry, maple, oak and mahogany, for example, are often used for naturally finished doors. Paint-ready doors are typically made of pine or Western hemlock.
While a solid wood front door might look luxurious, the price tags that come with them can be quite steep. Thus, if your family likes the idea of a wood door but not the cost of one, try a stock door in wood-veneer skin over an engineered wood core. These hearty doors are less susceptible to warping and usually cost hundreds of dollars less.

Because they are sturdier than steel doors (less susceptible to dents and other marks), fiberglass doors are becoming more and more common. They are also energy efficient and are therefore popular in harsh climates.
If you crave the appearance of wood, keep in mind that fiberglass doors can look just as good as wood doors, and they are easy to stain to mimic wood. In addition, they often carry long warranties.

The Color of Your Front Door
Colors often convey different ideas and symbolize certain traits. A new paint job on the front door (or any door of the home) can give your home a new "vibe" more easily than you think.

As one of the most popular paint colors, red doors usually symbolize welcoming. A door painted red is thought to bring positive energy and opportunity into the home.

A blue door usually stands for serenity and calmness. If you want to convey a sense of peace to your family and guests, try a blue door.

Paint your door green if the ideas of prosperity and harmony appeal to you. Like blue, green has a calming effect on people who enter.

Black doors stand for strength and sophistication. A black front door can make your family and guests feel protected inside the walls of your home.

Perhaps you haven't considered a purple front door, but, if creativity, passion and spiritual wealth are important to you, a purple front door might be for you.

A yellow door lets your guests know that all who enter will experience merriment and happiness. Yellow can also symbolize wisdom and a sharp mind.

Our homes should reflect who we are, and the front door is no exception. Upgrading the front door is a simple way to improve your home's interaction with the outside world.

Jay Harris is a Home Depot sales associate in the Chicago suburbs. Jay writes for the Home Depot website, where he provides homeowner tips on front doors, patio doors and many other home improvement topics.

Whose with me on getting that door painted green and bringing some prosperity and harmony into our lives?!!!
Heck, I might just paint my whole house green :D

skirted laundry room table - renter friendly

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend with their families!
Today I wanted to share with you guys a super quick and easy tip on how I added a temporary skirt to the built in table in our laundry room.


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Anything I do to this place has to be done without changing or damaging the surfaces in any way.
Command Strip hooks were put in place under the table top at each end.
And a small diameter curtain rod with clip rings was hung from the hooks.
My piece of fabric was then clipped from the back a couple of inches from the top to give it that pinch pleat look.  You could sew a regular rod pocket into your fabric and not do clips, but I think they clip rings help it slide open and close a lot easier.
Couldn't have been easier, and since I already had everything on hand it cost me nada.  Love that!
It's so nice having all that stuff hidden out of sight.
Makes me want to slap a skirt on everything :D
I think it would work well for hiding things in open bathroom vanities, pantries, heck even garage shelves (I'll have to remember that one)!
Do you guys have skirted storage in your homes?

laundry room makeover

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last week I showed you guys my messy laundry room.
I worked on it over the weekend and am so freaking, stinking excited about how it turned out!!!

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A reminder of the state it was in before.

The makeover started with making a skirt to hide all the junk under the table top.

I had a boat load of striped outdoor fabric sitting around (actually, hanging out in a moving box) waiting to become outdoor pillows.  Since there's no room for our outdoor furniture at this place I decided to borrow the fabric for this project.  UPDATE:  click here for the renter friendly skirted table.

All the unsightlies are now hidden away but easy to get to.

Clean recyclables are tossed in the white trash can (there's a regular trash can under the kitchen cabinets) and the dog's food is stored in the metal IKEA trash bin.

Now that the junk on the top of the counter has a new hidden home below, I have room for a laundry basket to catch clothes coming down from the laundry chute above (words cannot express how excited Izzy is about this), and room to fold.

Fabric bins above the rod for more hidden storage.

And added some fun knobs to the cabinets.  I'll tell you more about these guys later.  Sneaky, sneaky ;) UPDATE: click here for adding knobs without drilling holes.

And can we discuss this wall!!!

I've been lusting after the Scalamadre zebra print wallpaper and decided to have a little fun in here.  Can't wait to share more on this too!  UPDATE:  click here for the tutorial on temporary wallpaper.

Ruffino's dog food is now corralled in a $5.00 boot tray from Target.  It is still a bit under foot, but it's a lot better in this location than where it was before.

Everything in, I spent $23 sprucing up this space.  Not bad!

Here's a little side story for you.

While drawing in the bottom part of the wall, I completely pop and wreck my knee.  Imagine a loud pop, chalk flying, and me flailing on the floor.  I must have freaked Izzy out because she came running.

Can anyone tell me why bad things always happen when my husband is out of town????

Knee goes out, in ca-razy pain.  I can't even carry my 6 month old up the stairs to bed.  A few minutes later I hear a strange beeping.  Smoke detector's battery has gone out in my bedroom.  WTF!!!

There would have been zip, zero, zilch sleeping that night had it not been replaced.  I had to drag my rear up to the tippy top of a ladder with a bum knee to replace the battery.  I'm still in shock I didn't fall to my death. 

One hour later I'm hobbling through the dining room and smack my other knee square into the piano bench.



I'll be linking up to these fab parties!

washi tape fixes brass fireplace surround

Monday, May 20, 2013

I know brass is making a come back in design, and I really do love it, just not surrounding the fireplace.
The house we're renting has a case of the bad brass.
I needed an easy and temporary fix to hide it.
Enter solid black washi tape to the rescue!
The washi tape was SUCH an easy and quick fix.  Seriously took like 5 minutes.  And when we're ready to move it can be peeled right off quickly without any residue.

Now I will say this, I WOULD NOT use this if you plan on using your fireplace.  We will not be using it so this was a good option for us.
If you want a permanent solution that will not be effected by heat, I suggest a high heat tolerant spray paint.  I used it for this purpose in our last house and it worked and covered really well.
So that's it!
No more bad brass!

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I've been working on the laundry room mess I mentioned last week, and I'm getting excited to show you guys.

My husband thinks I've completely lost my mind when it comes to part of what I've done.  I'm used to seeing that look on his face though ;)

my mess of a laundry room

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm gonna air some dirty laundry.
This here is where I do my dirty laundry.

It's a mess.
There are still random items hanging out in here from when we unpacked.
Since our dog has his food and water bowls in there I can't close the door.  So, I get to stare at it all day long.  I'm staring at it from the couch right now.  Lucky me.
I'm going to spend some time in there this weekend and try to tidy things up.
Thinking a skirt option might help things along.

And some pretty baskets.
We shall see!

new herringbone jute rug

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My new rug has FINALLY arrived!!!

After dealing with these freaking, stinking tile floors (Izzy has busted her butt on it I can't even count how many times) I was literally bouncing around the driveway when I saw the delivery guy pull up.

I had that sucker pulled out of its wrapping and down on the floor faster than you can say "stubbed-my-toe-moving-a-couch-by-myself" ;)

I went with the Owen Herringbone Jute rug from Pottery Barn.  They were, and I think still are, having a sale on their rugs so I picked it up at a great price.
The nubby texture is gorgeous and feels oh so nice underfoot.  And, the neutral color should work well in our next place too.

I found Ruffino sprawled out on it just minutes of it being put down.  He won't lay on wood or tile floors, so he has been all depressed hanging out on his dog bed all alone in our room.
He's one happy camper being out where the action is.  Not that there's much action coming from this lazy guy...

There is also another new addition in the living room.
I know.  I know I said I wouldn't be buying anything while we were renting.  BUT, I hit up The Urban Market here in Houston and Holly Mathis had the most perfect booth set up, I couldn't help but pick myself up a little somethin somethin.
This pretty blue and white Delft piece came from her booth.
Me likey.

Anywho.  Pretty excited about getting some of this tile covered up over here.  Now if I could just get Izzy to stop doing somersaults all over it. 
It's soft, but it ain't that soft!

happy mother's day and a delicious thumb

Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm a little later than usual today.  Don't even have an excuse as I did NOTHING yesterday.  Like, didn't even take a shower.  Sheesh!
But, I wanted to make sure I popped in so I could give all of you fabulous mommas out there an early shout out for Mother's Day! 
You are all fierce, and doing it up right.  Here's to you!!!
If you're up for a laugh (and possibly shooting coffee out of your nose) check out what this mom wants for Mother's Day.  It is SPOT. ON.
In other news, it appears I have second thumb sucker...
I don't know why I stress about this so much but I do.
As I type this, Izzy is doing the same.
How long does this last???
She only does it when she's curled up with her security blanket, Giraffe.  But, since she is 4, I worry about dental issues.
Anyone else dealing or dealt with thumb suckers?
Should I really be stressing about this???


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