juicing - green apple spice

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Call it a fad, whatevs, but I've jumped on the juicing bandwagon and I like it.
We're not the best with eating a wide variety of veggies, so sucking down the good stuff in tasty juice form is a win for us.  And if I'm being completely honest, loading my shopping cart down with fresh veggies and fruit makes me feel like a superstar when I'm walking down the isles.  Helps make up for the chips and ice cream that lurk beneath ;D
I've got a few favs that I thought I'd share with you guys here and there over the next few weeks.

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- handful of fresh spinach
- 2 large or 3 small granny smith apples (cored)
- half inch chunk of ginger
Run it all through your juicer and enjoy!
Have you guys tried juicing yet?  Love it or are you indifferent?  Honestly, ours sat for several weeks in the box before finally busting it out.

new kitchen choices and firmoo winners

Monday, June 24, 2013

So, we had our first appointment to make design selections for the new house.  Thankfully, Sam was a trooper for me and Mike was able to make it for the last hour!
We made several decisions, but today I wanted to share with you guys the kitchen selections.
Here our my inspiration images.  Seriously, what did people do before Pinterest when building a house ;)
Ok, no real shocker with the black and white.  Had it in our last house, loved it, wanted it again.
Cabinets - We're going with the builder standard cabinets in white on the left.  The black island will be the same style as the white cabinet, this is just up here for color.
Back splash - Plain white subway tile with a white grout.  Clean and classic.  And, I'm actually blown away by this, but the plain 'ol subway tile (the same ubber cheap tile you get from the home improvement store) is an upgrade.  An upgrade people!!!  Grrr...  So much for that being my stylish and cheap option.
Counters - Like practically everyone, I wanted the look of marble without having to worry about all the bad things that could and would happen to it.  The counter sample here is Silestone Lyra.  After getting home and checking out more photos of it, I want to see if we can do Silestone Lagoon instead.
Here's the Silestone Lyra...
and the Silestone Lagoon...
and side by side because it's impossible to tell from the above pictures...

The Lagoon feels much better to me when I see the photos of them side by side.  Not so busy.  I'm wondering if that would drive me nuts with the Lyra long term.
And no I didn't forget!  The winners of the Firmoo giveaway are:
Ronnie, Liz Floyd, ~Angie, and Mary Deckert
I don't have email addresses for any of you guys other than Mary, so please contact me by the 26th if this is you!

we found a house!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Well peeps, we have finally found a house!

Ok, so technically it's not yet a house, but it will be!  We decided to go with a new build.
Am I excited?  Yes.
Am I scared about making all the wrong decisions?  You bet'cha.

Here's the entry from a house with the same floor plan.

The reason we decided to build is simple.  We felt burnt after going through the sale of our house in KS.  I was going to go into a long explanation of why we felt burnt, but decided against it.  Everything I typed out sounded bitter.

So we're going the safe route.  Building in a rapidly growing area where the school district is suppose to be top notch.  Hopefully when the time comes to move again (fingers crossed it's not too soon) we'll be in an area where people are wanting to buy.  To some it might sound boring, but for us it's going to be bliss.  No old windows that have to be replaced (I literally had nightmare about those old windows.  Nightmares, people!), and no rotten fence that blows down when a bird flies by and farts.  Bliss.

Izzy and Sam will have a pretty sweet playground too.

I'm a little worried about the building process.  You know those people who stress over things that in the end, really don't matter?  You're looking at her!  I'm going to have to remind myself that this is suppose to be a fun experience and not a nerve wracking one.

Tomorrow I have to make some major decisions (kitchen and bath cabinets, counters, back splash, plumbing fixtures, appliances) alone.  That's not entirely true.  I'll have Sam in tow.  I'm sure he'll be on his best behavior and won't have a meltdown or poop all over himself or me while we're there....  Pray for me.

Do you guys have any tips for going through a build?  Is it not as bad as everyone says, or should we fake our deaths and move to Mexico in order to get out of it?


If you haven't already, be sure to enter yourself in my Firmoo giveaway!  Right now, chances are pretty good you'll win ;D

firmoo - giveaway!

Monday, June 17, 2013


Firmoo, an online optical company, is offering SIX lucky readers a $20 E-voucher good towards any one of their Classic Series frames! 

There are even several frames under $20 to choose from!

And, if there are 50 valid entries, one grand prize winner will receive a TOTALLY FREE PAIR of classic series frames of their choice, including shipping!


Here's a few things I'm loving about Firmoo:

Firmoo offers stylish prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses at crazy reasonable prices. Even better is their First Pair Free program where you can try Firmoo glasses for FREE, paying only shipping!

Their site offers a Virtual Try-On System.  All you do is upload a photo of yourself and you're instantly able to see what all of their glasses look like on you.  That's huge for me, as I have a hard time finding glasses that look right.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the glasses I tried on virtually, looked the same on in person.

Here I am in my Firmoo glasses I got last year.  Still love them!

How to Enter:
Please leave a comment for each entry completed (include your email address if it is not connected to your profile).
1)  Mandatory - Visit Firmoo and tell me which of their Classic Series frames you would pick if you won.
2)  Extra Entry - Follow Crazy Wonderful through Google Friend Connect or email subscription.
3)  Extra Entry - Follow Crazy Wonderful on Pinterest.
Winners will be announced Monday, June 24th!
Contest closes Sunday, June 23rd at 11:59pm CST.
Good luck!!!

why I won't win mother of the year

Thursday, June 13, 2013

In my last post I mentioned having a little "incident" with Sam and some milk.
Here's the scoop.
We were getting him started on solids, beginning with the usual rice cereal thinned out with breast milk.  I went to my stash of frozen milk, pulled out a bag, and after it was thawed out mixed up his first bowl of rice cereal.
I get all excited since it's his first taste of solids (not that it really counts as a solid since it's sooo thinned out, but anywho) and record his first bites.
He is a little less than happy.


This leaves me totally confused because I remember Izzy LOVING it.  So I do what any mom would do, I tasted it.
Holy disgustingness.
I didn't even have a full baby sized spoonful of this stuff and I was gagging and scrambling to the pantry desperate to find anything I could toss in my mouth to get the taste out.
Sour milk.  Waaaayyyy sour.
Gah!!!  I felt like such a horrible mommy shoving that down this throat.  No wonder his little face was all scrunched up!  If he has major food aversions later on, at least I know I can pinpoint the cause :D
So, I'm pretty sure all of my frozen milk stash is ruined.  I thawed out a couple more bags to see test the condition and it doesn't look good.  Despite keeping it frozen on our trip from KS to TX, something must have gone wrong. 
I am pretty much devastated.  Liquid gold.  Down the drain.
If you've breastfeed and stored milk, have any of you had your milk go bad?  What's the deal?

samuel - 6 months

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm waaayyy behind in getting this posted.
Last month this guy hit 6 months old.
Can you believe it?!
Yep, turns out I was completely off when I guesstimated his weight at over 18 lbs at 5 months.  Turns out the whole weigh yourself holding baby and then without holding baby doesn't work that well when your scale's battery is on the fritz.  Also turns out I hadn't really lost those 4 lbs like I thought I had.  Stupid battery :/
Anywho... this little guy is enjoying the rice cereal now.  Even after our little "incident" involving less than fresh milk.  Another story for another time, but I will tell you I've firmly placed myself ahead of everyone to take home the "Mother of the Year" award.  Sheesh.  Tomorrow we'll be busting out some veggies to try.  I'm thinking with him I'm going to start with the green veggies first, in hopes that he'll take to them more than Izzy did.  With Izzy we started with sweet potatoes and carrots, and after that the kid wouldn't go green.
He has become a happy screamer.  The boy likes to hear himself talk.  He totally gets that from my dad.  He'll be perfectly content playing around and then will start yelling at the top of his lungs, laughing at himself when he's done.  Which is perfectly ok at home, not cool at the restaurant :D
He also got in some snuggle time with Grandma who came down to visit!

Looking Back:


add knobs without drilling holes

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So, I'm pretty excited about this little handy project from my laundry room makeover.
Remember when I told you I have a little sneaky surprise when it came to these knobs?

Ba Bam!!!

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That's right peeps.  We added knobs without drilling holes or damaging the cabinets!
How to do it:
Use knobs that have a large base that will meet up with the cabinet, preferably ones that don't have the metal prong (the technical word escapes me right now) sticking out of the back.  Some that do can be removed by unscrewing them.  Mine wouldn't budge, so I sawed it off.
These knobs came from Hobby Lobby.  The base was originally white, but I gave it a little gold Rub 'n Buff to fancy it up.

Cut a piece of Command Strip to fit the knob's base and press it into place on your cabinet front.

Peel off the paper backing and firmly press your knob into place.

That's it!

I'm so thrilled with these little knobs!  They add a fun bit of color and haven't budged a bit with all their use.

Even though they don't have the handy little tab sticking out for removal, I'm feeling pretty confident they will still come off without any damage to the cabinets.  UPDATE:  We removed the knobs while we were moving out, and there was no damage to the cabinets!

Seriously, my favorite renter friendly thing yet!  If we were going to be renting longer term I would totally be doing this on all of the kitchen cabinets.

Isn't that like the world's quickest fix?!!  Love stuff like that.


I'll be linking up to these fab parties!

my house is my dream home because...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Today I'm over at Simcoe Street filling in for Jenny while she gets to enjoy her beautiful new baby girl!!!
Head over and find out why my house is my dream home! 
I'm sharing a "room" you guys haven't seen before.
See you there!


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