round top | texas antiques week

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sunday morning Mike surprised me by waking up and asking if I wanted to hit up Round Top.  I had all but forgotten about it this fall and thought we had already missed the main dates, but as luck would have it, it was open and the best show dates were still to come.  You can check out the show calendar here.  

If you haven't heard of it, Round Top is THE best antiques show E.V.E.R.  Period.  It happens twice a year in the Spring and Fall and takes place out in the middle of nowhere.  We're talking spread out for several miles in farm pastures, on the sides of the road, in barns, and of course in the beautiful town of Round Top, TX (population 90).

So you had better believe I took him up on the offer!  We packed the kids up and headed out.  Luckily for us we're only about an hour away.

I didn't grab photos that tell the full story of all that there is to offer, but I did snap some iPhone pics here and there of things that I liked and wanted to remember.  I figure what the heck, you guys might still like to see them.

My most favorite place to hit up is Blue Hills.  Everything is gorgeous here.  And it doesn't hurt that they have really nice restrooms ;)

This booth had GORGEOUS pieces that are difficult to tell in the photo but are huge.  A lot were brought over seas and stripped of all varnish and stain and then bleached to show off it's natural beauty.  Very Restoration Hardware like, but the real deal.

They always have beautiful chandeliers at this booth.

I want a wall of bookcases just like these in our office.

Cool decoupaged bamboo pieces.

My next favorite place to hit up is EXCESS although I didn't get many photos here.  Mike took off with the stroller... and my phone.

Cool sconce shades.

Pretty finishes.

I saw this ship and it reminded me of the one Cassie has in her dining room.

Pretty cool stuff.  Pretty darn cool stuff.  I wanted everything I saw.

While we were at Blur Hills Mike saw some pendants he wanted for his office so we picked up 3 in hopes of turning them into a cool fixture.

See how cool they look next to the awesome bookcases I want?!?!

So anywho, that's what we were up to this weekend!

If you're in the area, or heck even if you aren't, make sure you check out Round Top sometime.  SO MUCH FUN!!!

Did any of you guys hit up it already or are you waiting until this weekend?


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playroom pillows + paint-a-pillow giveaway

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The kids' playroom now has some sweet new pillows!

Aren't the gray arrows and polka dots great!  It's actually a stenciled pillow!

They'll more than likely live on the couch, but Sam got a kick out of them sprucing up the play tent :)

The folks at Paint-A-Pillow sent me the kit to try out and I'm so excited to tell you guys about it!!!

Paint-A-Pillow is a brand new sister company to Cutting Edge Stencils.  So, you get the same quality stencils from them in an crazy simple to use product made just for pillows!

Here's the kit.  Everything comes ready for you to get started.  The accessories box has your roller, brush, tray, paints, practice stencil and fabric inside.

The pillow has a cardboard insert to keep it nice and flat and to prevent paint from seeping through.  The pillow sits inside a frame and then the stencil attaches to the frame so everything stays nice and secure.

The result is a perfectly clean stencil!

I used the Drifting Arrows stencil with neutral gray paint on one side of my pillows and the Polka Dot stencil with black paint on the other side.  Makes switching things up fun!

So, want to win a Paint-A-Pillow stencil kit of your own?!

Paint-A-Pillow is offering one lucky reader their choice of any pillow stencil kit!!!
If you're new to stenciling, be sure to check out Paint-A-Pillow's new How-To video with helpful tips.

Here are some other stencils I think are fun.  If you liked my otomi stenciled bean bag chairs, they have the exact same stencil for pillows!!!

TOP: otomi // birch forest // trellis // MIDDLE: houndstooth // clouds // prism // BOTTOM: ikat bukhara // leopard skin // charlotte

Giveaway open to US residents only.  One random winner will be announced Thursday, October 2nd!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ribbon trimmed pillow | tutorial

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I didn't intend to, but I am dubbing this week Pillow Week!  Today I'm sharing the tutorial for how I made my ribbon trimmed outdoor pillows for the back patio, and later this week I've got another fun pillow project to share.

Ok, so here are the pillows I created for out on the back patio.

Do we likey??  They were super simple to create and were even no sew.  BOOM!

How to make your own:

STEP ONE: Lay your pillow out flat and cur your ribbon pieces to length.  I cut mine to the edge of the pillow before the flange started.  Then slightly melt the ends of the ribbon with a lighter to keep the ribbon from fraying.

STEP TWO:  Cut your iron-on tape the same length as your ribbon and iron on to the back of your ribbon according to the tape's directions.  Use a ruler as a guide to place your ribbon and then iron it into place according to the tape's directions.

STEP THREE: Continue the same steps for each length of tape.  

All done!

Are you about sick and tired of patio posts yet?  I am! 

To see progress on the back patio check out these past posts:

some favs

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I have some new favorites that I'm loving lately and wanted to share them with you.

one // two // three

ONE// I've been using the Caldrea hand soap that Target sells for a couple of years now, but I have just recently tried their countertop cleaner.  Holy.  Cow.  I bought mine in the Green Tea Verbena scent and I want to spray myself down with the stuff it's that good.  The best part though is how well it cleans my counters - zero film or streaks.  Clean counters and the house smells amazing.

TWO//  I just picked up this sleeveless blouse from J.Crew Factory yesterday.  I'm not normally a sleeveless kind of girl but it's a winner.  The shoulders have a pretty little pleat at the front, it drapes beautifully, and it's long enough to cover the wagon I'm draggin.  Done!

THREE// A friend of mine from college sent me the Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes to try.  I'll admit I was skeptical.  I'm blessed to have long lashes and I like the mascara I'm currently using.  But.... this turned out to be pretty darn fabulous stuff.  Here's my before and after - Fiber Lashes on your left and regular mascara on your right (excuse the towel head):

You apply it after your normal mascara, and these teensy tiny fibers (made from green tea leaves) lie on top of your lashes to thicken and lengthen their appearance.  It looks like you're wearing a really nice pair of fake eyelashes without having to mess with the glue, them coming part way off, or having them poke you in the eye every time you blink.  Now I don't see myself wearing them to the grocery store, but dinner out or any time I need to up my game this will be my go to.  Check out Amy's site here for more info.


I'm leaving you guys with this little sneak peek of the pillows I made for the back patio.  I'll share more with you guys next week!

patio curtains + DIY rope tieback

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Curtains are made and are up on the back patio!!!!

Me likey,  Me likey a alot.  Especially with my DIY rope tiebacks I'll tell you about in a bit.

I decided to make my own due to the extra long length I needed.  Oh, and because pre-made outdoor curtains are EXPENSIVE!!!  I purchased this outdoor fabric and used these plastic grommets.  

TIP // Slide chain inside the bottom hem of the curtains to help weigh them down so they don't flap all over the place and drive you crazy every time the wind blows.

For the outdoor curtain rods I used 1/2" electrical conduit and spray painted it.  I used regular interior curtain rod hooks, but used exterior wood screws to attach them to the header.

While I really, REALLY love the look of using pipe and flanges for outdoor curtain rods, I wanted to be able to take the curtains down easily for cleaning/storms/winter and didn't want to have to unscrew the flanges from the header every time.

Ok, on to those fabulous rope tiebacks!

Here's what you'll need:

1/2" metal coupling // electrical tape // twine // 3/4" manila rope (appox. 2' per tieback)

STEP ONE: Cut three strands of twine about 6 inches long and tape to one end of the rope using electrical tape.

STEP TWO: Braid the strands of twine.  Then loop over and tape the ends down with electrical tape.

STEP THREE: Push the metal coupling over the end of the rope.  A couple of mine slide on easily and a couple threw up a major fight going on. 

Do the same thing for the other end and you're done!

For attaching mine to the brick, I drilled into the mortar with a brick drill bit and screwed in a simple hook.

Almost at the finish line!  I've still got to add in pillows and accessories and then we are done-zo.

Here's a little progress recap:


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