JORD watch giveaway

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

When decorating our house I like adding in natural wood elements like baskets and wooden bowls to give it texture and warm it up.  To me it really finishes a room off.  When I first saw JORD wood watches I was immediately smitten.  I mean come on, how cool?!  It's a watch, made out of wood!  So when JORD asked me if I was interested in reviewing a watch, I jumped at the opportunity. 

I chose the Fieldcrest Zebrawood and Maple wood watch ($129).  You can check out all of their women's watches here.  Personally, I like a watch with a larger face but not so large that it's over powering.  The Fieldcrest fits the bill.   And speaking of fitting, you can print off their measuring guide and have them size the band for you so it's ready to wear as soon as it arrives!  

This particular watch (except for the mechanism and clasp) is made out of Native West African Zebrawood and Maple.  All of their wood watches are made from sustainably harvested wood, have a scratch resistant glass face, and come with a 12 month warranty.  

The wood makes the watch incredibly light weight.  I hardly feel like I'm wearing anything!  I can easily see this becoming my go to watch this summer.  But, like most watches, it's only splash resistant.  You don't want to dunk this in the tub while giving your kids a bath.   

One last thing.  You know how first impressions are everything?  JORD makes a great one and it just goes to show their attention to detail.  The watch is packaged in a cool wooden box that is absolutely perfect for giving as a gift.  Right now I'm thinking of Father's Day gifts (which is quickly approaching) or unique gifts for your favorite grads.

So here's the best part!  JORD is offering one lucky winner a $75.00 e-gift card towards any of their watches!!!  And that's not all, everyone who enters (except for the winner) will receive a $20 e-gift card that you can apply toward any watch on their site!  There are no losers here!   

Giveaway details:  This contest runs 5/25/16 through 6/1/2016 at 11:59pm.   One winner will be chosen at random by JORD to receive a $75.00 e-gift card that will expire 7/1/16.  All others who enter will receive a $20.00 e-gift card that will expire 10/1/16.

Disclosure:  I was gifted this watch by JORD; however, all opinions are my own.

Wooden Watch Review

bedroom ceiling fan

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I mentioned in this post that I was on the look out for a new ceiling fan for our master bedroom after our last one died during a major storm.  I could have easily replaced it with the exact same fan, but sometimes it's nice to switch things up.  This time I wanted to go more modern.  

After searching and searching and searching, I decided on the Home Decorator's Collection Merwry fan in matte black.  The style was right, the matte black tied in with the matte black fixtures in our master bathroom, and it was practically a steal.  Sold!

The LED light puts out a nice amount of light too.  Something that can be hard when looking for fans with light kits.  You can check out my post on more good looking ceiling fans here.

I know not everyone is a fan (har, har) of ceiling fans in bedrooms.  I absolutely LOVE the look of a fabulous light fixture in a bedroom.  But, momma can't sleep without a ceiling fan on at night.  Even when we lived in a colder climate I had one running at night.  My husband is the same way.  Anyone else out there addicted to having a fan on at night?

For some more ceiling fan ideas, check out my DIY cage light fan and my DIY drum shade fan.

SOURCES: ceiling fan // DIY picture frame moulding // rug // headboard // white duvet // grey blanket // black pillows - made by me (similar) // white drapes // bamboo blinds // DIY skirted nightstand // wood nightstand - family piece // lamps - TJ Maxx (similar here) // large green leaf - Hobby Lobby 



back patio re-do

Monday, May 16, 2016

There was this time a year and a half ago when I thought our back patio was finished.  You can see the reveal here.  Box checked.  Moving on.  Then our dog ate the furniture.  Like, there was a huge hole through the arm of the outdoor sofa.  Oh, and he ate the rug as well.  Here's what it used to look like.

We salvaged the two chairs by moving them to the front porch, but the sofa was toast.  I also accidentally left the cushions out one day and those were chewed on.  When it came to choosing new furniture I was at a loss and honestly just plain over it.  So, I let my husband decide.  He said he wanted adirondack chairs.  I regretted letting him choose :)  But in the spirit of letting go, I went for it.

Now, there are of course still some things I want to do out here, like putting back up the striped curtains, but wanted to share with you some of the progress.

Obviously the biggest change are the chairs.  You guys, I actually love the chairs.  They truly are comfy.  We went with the Highwood Eco-Friendly Synthetic wood Folding Adirondack Chairs in Coastal Teak from Overstock so they could stand up to the weather and be easily sprayed off to look like new if they got dirty from the dog getting into them.  But, I don't think that will be happening anymore.  I made him a pretty sweet dog bed he's digging that I'll share later.  

Now, I know a rug would ground all the furniture, but I'm not planning on adding one.  For the same reason I don't have one in our dining room.  As pretty as it would be, it just doesn't make sense at this point in time.  Kids are going to spill food on a rug in the dining room and I'm going to be upset.  Archer is going to chew up a rug outside and I'm going to be upset.  It's just not worth it.  I do plan on adding some pillows to the chairs, but those can easily be brought in when we're not using them.  

Another change are the plants.  The ferns I originally had flanking the fireplace weren't having any of it.  It didn't help that I always forgot to water them.  I'm trying out these California Elephant Ears that are suppose to be pretty hearty.  Finger's crossed!

I also sat some succulents on the DIY coffee table.  They serve a purpose much greater than looking pretty.  It's to keep Archer off the table.  He thought it made the perfect dog bed (you can see scratches in the wood from his nails).  This bowl is too heavy for him to nose out of the way and he has stayed off.

So that's where we're at with the patio right now.  I think it's actually a really good change!  I'll share the finished version when I figure out pillows.

SOURCES: adirondack chairs // DIY outdoor storage coffee table // galvanized planters - IKEA, no longer on their site (similar here) // DIY rope mirror // succulent bowl - Homegoods (similar here)


hallway gallery wall

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

You know how you see images of people's homes online and you think they have it together?  I used to do that, thinking they probably have every room and wall looking just right.  I'm sure there are some freaks of nature people that do, but I assure you, I am not one of them. 

You saw a glimpse of our upstair's hallway a few weeks back when I was talking about our new entry light.  Well, until recently, that gallery wall one big hot mess.    

Maybe almost two years ago (I can't for the life of me remember) I was tired of seeing all the frames laying around in a spare room and randomly decided to start hanging all the photos.   I had a very loose plan, and just started tossing them up on the wall.  I didn't pay attention to the orientation of the photos.  If it was a vertical photo, but the space needed a horizontal frame, I put it up anyway.  If the frame had a colored photo, and I knew I wanted all black and white, up it went because I knew I'd change it out.  Easy enough.  

Two years went by and I never fixed it.  Photos never got changed out and several were falling off and breaking leaving empty spots.  The Command Strips hated me.  It was getting worse by the day.  

FINALLY, it's all fixed and I can share it and some tips with ya!

What I learned:

  • Mix your frame sizes - I originally had too many small frames making it look really busy.  Adding larger frames into the mix kept it from looking cluttered.
  • Don't take it down too low - I love the look of a full gallery wall.  In the first round there was another row of photos at the bottom.  It was just too much.  Check it out from other angles.
  • It's ok to mix styles - My frames were all bought at different times over the years, range from traditional and modern, and are a mix of black, white, and silver.  Some were garage sale finds that I painted.  Mixing frame styles and colors works since the photos are all black and white.  Which brings me to the next bullet point.
  • Photo color - If you're going to be mixing up the style and color of your frames, black and white photos are your best bet.  If you want to use colored photos, stick with all one frame color and/or style to keep things from being too busy. 
  • Just nail it - Let me start by saying I've done it both ways.  I've dealt with patching a bunch of nail holes from a gallery wall I had to take down when we moved.  I've also used Command Strips when we rented as to not damage the walls.  I had one or two frames fall down but (so long as the frame wasn't broken) I could easily put on another Command Strip and put it back up.  I was willing to deal with that while we were renting.  Now when it comes to a busy hallway like ours where things easily get knocked around, just bite the bullet and nail the darn things in.  Place a  Command Strip at the base of the frame to keep it from going crooked.  It's the only way I've found to keep a frame up on the wall for good.  Yes, you're going to have a ton of nail holes in your wall.  If you ever change your mind or move, filling and repainting really isn't that big of a deal.  Trust me :)  

Do you guys have any tips/tricks for gallery walls?  I'd love to hear!

SOURCES:  Frames (garage sales, hand me downs, TJ Maxx, Ikea) // barn light pendant // rug - Homegoods (similar here) // DIY bench // sheepskin (local gun show) // pillows made by me // buffet - family piece // mirror - family piece // lamps - old Target (similar here and here)


Izzy's bedroom

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Izzy's room has been "done" (done as in I'm not actively thinking about what to do next) for a while.  She was with me the other day as I was adding images to the Home Tour page when she asked, "Sam has pictures of his room up?  Why aren't there any of mine?!!"  Well dear, it's because your room is trashed, and Mommy isn't going to clean it for you just for some pictures.  It's a matter of principle.  She decided it was time to pick up :)

There is no reinventing the wheel here.  We worked with the furniture we had, I DIY'd my heart out, and added what she likes: bunnies and giraffes.  I'll link to my DIY tutorials and sources at the bottom of the post.

The headboard was a DIY I made when she first transitioned from a converted crib to a bed.  You can see it in her old room here.  I made the polka dot and floral pillows.  Those sheets!  How great are those sheets?!!  She about had a fit when she saw them for the first time :D  They're Martha Stewart's Whim line at Macy's and they have all kinds of fun animals to choose from.  

The polka dot decals are a DIY.  They were the first thing Izzy wanted to do to her new room after moving in two years ago :)

I painted this desk I found at a thrift store years ago.  I had no place for it in this house so it sat in our closet for a while.  Izzy thought it would be perfect in her room, and boy was she right.  The large pin board is an inexpensive DIY.  Nothing makes a little girl happy like a massive pin board.  Trust me.

These book ledges were another DIY.  I don't have a tutorial but they were simple to build with a 1x4 and then 1x2 for the lip.  They're attached to the wall with "L" brackets.  I had two from her first room and then built a third as this room has much higher ceilings and a ton more books (I'm thrilled with her love of reading so I have a hard time saying no to a new book).  It's hard to tell, but these ledges are pretty deep which allows for more books to be stacked behind. 

The hanging stars were a craft project we did together.   The head of her bed used to sit on the wall where the book ledges now are.  She said she wanted to sleep under the stars so we made some out of scrapbook paper and hung them from the ceiling with fishing wire.  We moved her bed, but the stars stayed put. 

Truth time: I did have to haul out an obnoxious amount of stuffed animals before taking photos.  Two of them are practically the same size she is.  It's a real problem.   So, the pom pom curtains are probably my favorite thing in here.  They were another DIY using my super secret drape source and pom pom trim.  Easy peasy.  I sewed mine on, but you could fabric glue those puppies right on as well.  

I just lied to you.  I said the curtains were my favorite, but actually, I think the mirror is.  It's another DIY!!!  The dresser was purchased for Izzy's nursery from an antique market.  I used it as a changing table in her nursery as well as Sam's nursery.  It made it's way back into her room when I transitioned Sam to his big boy room.  I cleaned up the dresser by giving it and the handles a coat of Annie Sloan's Pure White and finishing with clear wax. 

Phew, that's it!  She loves her space and really that's all I can ask for :)

SOURCES:  DIY polka dot decals // DIY tufted headboard // giraffe sheets // polka dot pillow fabric // floral pillow fabric // wall sconces // round nightstand - TJ Maxx (similar here and here) // bunny vase // giraffe art prints // DIY pin board // desk - thrifted, painted Annie Sloan Pure White (similar here and here) // ghost chair // DIY pom pom drapes (no tutorial, but used my super secret drape source) // baskets - Homegoods // dresser - antique market, painted Annie Sloan Pure White (similar here and here) // DIY inlay mirror // bunny lamp // silver bunny bank // bunny alarm clock



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