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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


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  2. I love your style, Shelley - it's absolutely gorgeous! Loving the classic modern feel and the striking black and white colour scheme. You have such a talent! I'm visiting from A house full of sunshine.

  3. Shelley,
    You are amazing! My neighbor and friend Tracy Miller sent me your blog!! We now own this home. Although I love to decorate and constantly looking for ideas, your pictures above are so my style and I'm ready to redecorate everything. I love, love this house but like you the round walls bring a constant challenge. Do you ever do home visits for ideas?? Let me know best way to get a hold of you. Thanks for sharing and can't wait to view your other blogs!! Amazing!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Oh my goodness!!! Well, you couldn't have lucked out any more in the neighbor department. The Millers are THE BEST, and I don't know if the Guzman's have moved back yet into the house to the west of you, but they are absolutely amazing as well! I'd be thrilled to help you out with some ideas. You can reach me through email at shelley.westerman@gmail.com So happy to have connected with you, Jen! P.S. I miss that fabulous master closet!!!


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